Observation Report Service

Road Patrol

The foundation of any effective safety program is driver control.

Sidnal Inc. provides clients with road patrol services customized to meet their needs. Field staff safety engineers throughout the country will follow your equipment for a minimum of three miles reporting in written form on your drivers driving practices.

Our nationwide network of experienced safety engineers report on the conduct of drivers on our nation’s highways day and night seven days a week. Some of the information provided would be number of people in cab, seatbelt usage, type of cargo if visible, speed, spacing in traffic, lanes of traffic used, how driver held unit in traffic, and how unit was secured such as service lines, placards, load, tires, lights sealed, etc.

Sidnal Inc. program is completely flexible and can tailored to the particular needs of any fleet. All observation reports are mailed to the company within 24 hours of being written. Emergency situations are called into the company right away.

Sidnal, Inc. tries to write the reports so company management can read the report and visualize how their driver is handling the equipment.

This program can work in two ways. The unsafe driver can be spotted before a bad accident, and the safe driver can be recognized by management for a job well done. This program also gives management the advantage of the drivers not knowing when and where they may be observed which may keep them from speeding, driving recklessly, or picking up that unauthorized passenger.

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