How Is My Driving

800 Decal Program

Sidnal, Inc. provides a decal that is coded with a number that will identify your vehicle and a 1-800 number that is operated 24- hours a day seven days a week.

  • Coded decals can be as large as 12X24 inches, with white background, and dark lettering.
  • 24 hour personal service, you are notified of all emergencies as they come in, routine.
  • calls are faxed to your office within fifteen minutes during business hours.
  • Programs are designed to meet your company’s needs.
  • Coverage provided in the 48 states and Canada.

Advantages of this program

  • Recruiting
  • Theft recovery
  • Driver awareness
  • Public and legal perception company is concerned about safety
  • Program identifies unsafe driving behavior for corrective action
  • Decal programs have proven that they can significantly cut insurance cost
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