Driver Qualification File Management (DQF)

Sidnal, Inc. can manage all your driver qualification files. We can maintain your files in full compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Our service provides the following benefits:

Electronic Imaging of File Contents

We can maintain the physical storage of your files or maintain copies of them. In either case, all documents will be scanned into our computer system in addition to records being added to our database. Any requests for copies can then be handled immediately through e-mail, fax or postal mail.

Fully Customizable Service

We can fully customize the service we provide to you. This includes alerting you of expiration dates, regular reports and access to information through the internet.

Because we have developed our own software and continue to add features to it, Sidnal can meet all of your needs for tracking information about drivers and their qualification files.

File Structure

We allow you to group drivers by terminal (or location), then group terminals by division (or region), then group all divisions under one company record. This allows you to provide us with contact information at each level.

You can then select options for which level we should send important information. This information can include alerts of upcoming expiration dates, regular reports and general driver qualification file maintenance.

This file structure also allows you get packets of reports grouped at different levels, saving you the time of generating reports over and over again for each driver at each terminal (or even throughout each of your divisions).

Web Access to Information

Sidnal can provide safe, secure, "read-only" access to any of the data in our main database through our web site. While Sidnal needs to maintain control over any changes made to these record, we can post the data to a password protected web site for you to view at any time.

The customer area of our web site requires the correct username and password to enter, which we will provide to you. We use a 128-bit encryption verification method using what is known as a "secure socket layer" or SSL.

(For a sample please login with the user name and password both - sample.)

Initial File Setup

When the driver qualification files are first set up, Sidnal will send one of our representatives to your location to document all the information and begin the new data files.

File Updates

Communication is critical for adding and removing drivers to your fleet, as well as when a driver's information changes. We work to maintain a line of communication using a combination of phone, fax, e-mail and postal mail.

As your information changes you can notify us in writing and we will return verification that your records have been updated.


One of the most important features of our service is our ability to alert you of all driver related expiration dates. Below is a list of currently tracked dates, but others can be added at any time.

Expiration dates that are tracked currently include:

  • Driver License
  • Med Card
  • MVR
  • Blood Pressure Re-Check
  • Next Employee Review

Alerts come with a set of options on how you want to be notified about upcoming expiration dates.

The options you choose ties directly to your file structure. People to be notified can be at all levels in almost any different combination.

(Please see a copy of: "Alert Options")

Important Note:
Alerts will continue to be sent until the client communicates to us that corrective action has been taken and the critical date has been satisfied.

Regular Reports

Reports can be sent out on regular intervals. Some reports will have a corresponding web page that displays basically the same data in a web format, but all reports will be available by fax, e-mail or postal mail.

Like with alerts, reports come with a set of options that is tied to your file structure. These options allow you to decide which contact at which level should get each report.

(Please see a copy of: "Regular Report Options")

Random List Generation

Most drivers are flagged as being in a "Random Pool" for possible selection for testing for alcohol and controlled substances. We can make sure you meet the DOT's requiredment that you test 50% of your fleet for controlled substances and 10% for alcohol.

The names are generated using a random formula in a computer program. The list is also sent to you at random times within certain time intervals so that no one in your company even knows when it will be coming.

Once a list is generated and sent to you we will track some dates and other data reflecting the results.

You can choose how many times per year you want to generate a list of drivers. You can generate a new list (on average) monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. In other words, in one year you can have a new list generated 12 times, 6 times or 4 times. The names generated and the actual date chosen remains random.

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