DOT Compliance Services

Sidnal, Inc. provides clients with a wide variety of compliance services:

  • Safety Audits – Comprehensive audit of a company’s operation and safety program in accordance with Office of Motor Carriers, Federal Highway Administration, and OSHA
  • DOT Mock Compliance Audit – Office of Motor Carriers and Federal Highway Administration have put the word out that the way to safety is through enforcement. This means more roadside inspections and company audits. Sidnal’s mock compliance audit will identify problem areas, and with a proactive compliance program, correct them before the DOT discovers them.
  • Accident Analysis and Loss Prevention – Statistical analysis of loss history to determine practices and methods that can be improved to reduce accident experience. Work with management to implement changes to prevent accidents and monitor their effects after implementation.
  • CVSA Equipment Inspections – Physical inspection of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs) using current government criteria to determine compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
  • Driver Qualification File Management – Manage and maintain your driver qualification files. We insure your Driver Qualification Files will meet all applicable Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. Notices are provided to management 2 months and 30 days prior to a driver’s license, medical, and annual review expiring.
  • Record keeping Compliance – Maintain all records required by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and OSHA
  • Alcohol/Substance Abuse Program – Establish, monitor and manage this program for your company. This is an area of ever changing regulations that needs constant attention, as compliance violations are very costly.

All of these services are provided with a confidential written report with recommendations.

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